In 2008, the Rasmussens moved to Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST), a seminary which is the flagship of Africa International University (AIU).  Steve was a lecturer in the Intercultural Studies and Missions department at AIU, where he is still an adjunct lecturer.

President Kibaki speaking at AIU charter award ceremony

Cultural Anthropology class at AIU

The school expanded beyond the Master’s level into PhD and, more recently, into Bachelor’s level programs.Steve taught Master’s level and PhD classes.  He is known for his specialties in contextualization and pastoral responses to the issues of sickness, death and witchcraft in East Africa. He continues to supervise PhD students.

International student gathering at our home on campus

Jan preaching in chapel on transitions

For 4 years, Janice worked as International Student Coordinator, working with students from over 20 countries. She also taught certificate, bachelor’s and master’s classes in education and spiritual development. She is currently a PhD candidate in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in international education issues. Her research is on facilitating learning for international graduate students.

The school is located in Karen, a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya.  For more information, visit AIU’s website (see Links).

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