TEAM is a ministry of Bethel Christian Fellowship, which is part of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies.  Training East African Ministers began in 1994, when Steve and Jan Rasmussen got ready to teach pastors in Bible Schools in East Africa.   They lived in Mwanza, Tanzania from 1995-2008 where they worked with Lake Victoria Christian College, under PEFA churches.    In 2008, the Rasmussens moved to Nairobi, Kenya to teach at Nairobi Graduate School of Theology, now Africa International University.

TEAM’s focus is on equipping pastors, church leaders, and missionaries for East Africa and beyond.  TEAM also helps support widows and orphans through the local church and has helped build church roofs in Tanzania.  Future development plans include building a new school in Mwanza.

TEAM also is currently involved in an African Leadership Study, co-sponsored by AIU, Tyndale Foundation, and other organizations.  For that study, Steve is a Sr. Research Director.