TEAM Pix October 2016: Visiting churches and family Update

Seeing old friends like the Montoneras at Living Hope Church’s 65th anniversary in Elk Grove Village, IL in Sept. – where we attended in Trinity days.









Visiting TEAM’s supporting churches & friends

While back in the US, we have also participated in Duluth Gospel Tab’s 100th and Hope Christian Church’s 95th anniversary as well as Lake City Church’s missions convention in Madison, WI and FCA family camp in Fosston, MN. We have also enjoyed seeing most of our individual supporters and hope to see more of you soon!


Rachel and Isaac at Northwestern University welcome week











The dynamic duo above are off to a great start at NU, found a good church and have plugged into a campus ministry.

Steve has been able to share in variety of churches and with supporters as well as to continue supervision of AIU students. His half-time interim lead pastoring has begun well. He has enjoyed working with the leaders at Bethel Christian Fellowship.

Jan finished transcribing her 67 research interviews, with the help of the twins. Her article was recently published at

Justin got an exciting job in the field he wants to pursue!
Hannah finished edits on the Africa Study Bible, started as Acquisitions Editor and her new book is out!

LVCC continues well with its doubled classes of ministers.

Please pray for…

Rachel and Isaac: Being light and salt at Northwestern University

Steve: Effectiveness and balance: Leading Bethel Christian Fellowship including weekly teaching at on “Treasuring One Another Across Cultures” and preaching every other week from Genesis on “Thriving in Tough Times.” TEAM ministry including writing on witchcraft accusations.

Jan: Efficient analyzing and writing on “Teaching International Students” and for us as we enter the empty nest phase!

Justin: Settling in well to work and life in Mbarara, Uganda & finding a church and community

Hannah: Balancing work, study, book promotions, and friends

AIU: Vision, leadership, and encouragement for faculty and staff in changing times

LVCC: Strength, wisdom and provision for training more students. For God to prepare the next generation of leaders.

Family News

Steve, Justin and I (Jan) dropped Rachel and Isaac at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL last month.








They are settling in well – Isaac is majoring in mechanical engineering and Rachel, in human development & psychological services (pre-social work). They joined the campus ministry called Chi-Alpha and are excited to go to a church in Chicago with a Swahili service. They coach kids for work study. For a glimpse of us saying good-bye, see

Justin is moving to Uganda!









Justin has a job! In November he is moving to Mbarara, Uganda to do public health research and  community health education for 18-24 months. He joins a research team from Massachusetts General Hospital and Mbarara University of Science and Technology in southwestern Uganda. He sends a big thanks to all of you who prayed and helped him along in his search this summer. If you want to hear more from him directly, send him an email.

Family milestones and job changes from Hannah

Justin’s graduation from Macalester College in May








Dear all,

This May, all of my siblings graduated! A perfectly timed work-trip allowed me to be in Minnesota for Justin’s birthday & graduation from Macalester College (photo above), as well as Grandpa Rasmussen’s 90th birthday.

Rachel and Isaac’s high school graduation from Rosslyn Academy, Nairobi, Kenya with Hannah








Then I flew back to Kenya just in time for Rachel and Isaac’s high school graduation (above photo)! My family is now in the US for college / a year-long sabbatical, and I’ve welcomed two friends as housemates.

Africa International University








For the past two years I have been editorial managing the Africa Study Bible. We have completed all editorial! PRAISE GOD!  See more at

Now I am doing my new dream job! I am an Associate Acquisitions Editor with the same publisher, Oasis International. I find African Christian authors and work with them on developing their book concept into a final manuscript. I do this role half-time and am taking Master of Divinity classes at Africa International University for the next 3 years (pictured above).

My book also released recently! Let me know if you want to hear more about Good News about Gender: A Bible Study for Young Adults (see photo below). It is available on and at you so much for your ongoing support! So many of these blessings are as a direct result of your prayers and God’s faithfulness.
Love, Hannah

Hannah’s writing projects



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