A people-full summer – Aug. 10

The summer has been packed with seeing people and reporting what God has been doing through Training East African Ministers and Missionaries. Wonderful to be able to report in person to our great supporters. You all pay our salary to teach missions to students from 28 countries at AIU in Kenya. You also pay expenses for teaching 450 ministers at LVCC in Tanzania. And God does even more with your prayers! Several said they pray for us daily – how encouraging!

One church example: I enjoyed teaching a hundred leaders from the 7 multicultural congregations of the Bethel Family of churches,  and then preaching to a combined service that was overflowing out of the sanctuary. Fantastic to see the fulfillment of visions God gave us for a “house of prayer for all nations” 25 years ago when I was assistant pastor at this church (now our sending church).

Inspiring the next generation – Presenting to one of the Vacation Bible School classes at the Duluth Gospel Tabernacle in Minnesota.




We have really enjoyed individual time with family, friends, and other supporters. We are so grateful for each of you!

Big Blessing: Our big families are our biggest individual financial, emotional, and prayer supporters. Below: the Rasmussens reunite at Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp this past week. (The six siblings across the bottom.) They came from the far corners of the USA as well as Tanzania and Kenya. What a great time!

The Wacky Rasmussen family








We head back to Kenya tomorrow. Rachel and Isaac start school on Tues. at Rosslyn Academy.  AIU starts on Aug. 25.  We need your prayers as Steve takes on the Head of Missions department role and Jan jumps into a research class.

Some have asked about how to donate:  You can give by hitting the “Donate” button on this website or by sending a check to TEAM, c/o Bethel Christian Fellowship, 1466 Portland Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104 USA.


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