Update from Hannah who is moving to Nairobi

Thank you so much for your support these last few years. I owe so much of my success to your prayers.

God answered your prayers for my Macalester education! I wanted to “go out with a bang,” but God exceeded my expectations. I graduated with highest honors and degrees in English and Sociology.

Hannah’s Macalester graduation with Justin and Mom



Some of you may remember how at InterVarsity Leadership Institute I discovered the Christian values Macalester was founded on. I realized that my perspective as a Christian was a vital reminder to the rest of campus about their purpose. This year for the first time, Macalester gave out awards to people who live out the founder’s mission. I felt so honored to receive one (pictured below with Justin, friends, and the mentors who nominated me).

Hannah receives the Neill award at Macalester

In my January update I mentioned that we were looking for a new chaplain. Justin (on the left) and I got to interview the new chaplain, and she is perfect for Macalester – praise God!



In addition to the chaplain’s transition, you can continue to pray for Macalester Christian Fellowship – for a new leadership team taking over from the graduated seniors, and for evangelism efforts to bear fruit. Justin will be leading a Bible study in the spring, in the dorm where he will be a Resident Assistant. But first, he’s studying psychology in Scotland in the fall. He’d love your prayers for all his community-building opportunities.

Your prayers for my future paid off! After applying for many jobs, an unexpected opportunity fell into my lap. My new supervisor was praying for help with the Africa Study Bible and happened to connect with my dad. He offered me a one-year Editorial Assistant position in Nairobi. I’ll be leaving August 19th and will live with my family. I’m very excited about this chance to use the writing, cultural analysis and ministry skills I’ve developed at Mac! God’s plans were different than mine – but perfect.

I’d love your continued prayers for this transition:

- For moving: finishing a writing project, getting a visa to stay in Kenya, smooth flights
- For work: wisdom and humility as I bridge the needs of the African contributors and the US-based publishers
- For friendships: many high school friends have moved away, and I’m worried about navigating the public transport system

If you’d like to keep in touch with me personally (other than prayer!), look me up on facebook or follow me on my new writing projects site (including a poem about my job decision process): hannahras.wordpress.com



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