African scholars in Minnesota – July 2013

Our couple months in the USA is winding down. We fly to Nairobi Aug. 10.

We asked you to pray for this opportunity…


I really enjoyed connecting a dozen of my African colleagues with my missiology colleagues and even my Dad, Janice, Hannah and Justin at the American Society of Missiology (ASM) annual meeting in St. Paul. I also enjoyed presenting and learning with them in both the track on “witches and witch accusations” and on our “Africa Leadership Study.” This was followed by meetings on how to co-author books on each of these subjects. Please pray for our writing.

Scholars with Tite at ASM

(Above) Academic generations together in Minnesota: Tite Tienou and Bob Priest (middle men) taught David Ngaruiya (left) and I. On the right is my PhD student and research assistant, Maggie Gitau. Bob, David, Maggie and I are part of the team researching and writing the Africa Leadership Study. This picture was after the official presentation of a book in Tite’s honor that Bob, David, I, and others wrote chapters for (below):


Book cover in honor of Tite Tienou










The next day, Prof. Samuel Kunhiyop and I planned how we will write a book together for African pastors about how to respond to those who are suffering and to those accused of causing suffering through witchcraft. I have been seeking for years for an African co-author for this book. He is perfect. He has deep pastoral passion and insight on this subject. He brings his experience as the general secretary of the 6 million member ECWA church of Nigeria and its sister churches around the world. His African Christian Ethics and African Christian Theology books have blessed many. Pray for God’s enabling to accomplish this on top of our many other responsibilities and knowing that the true Enemy  (the Accuser) does not want this to succeed. May God be glorified and widows, orphans, and the poor be protected and encouraged!


Working on book for pastors about handling witchcraft accusations


My daughter Hannah helped a great deal with her writing advice and will be editing this book with us. She also has other news that we are all excited about… stay posted for her email!

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