Greetings and news from Hannah – Aug. 2014

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for your support these last few years. Thank you for calling me, feeding me, letting me stay at your house, sending me cards, doing fun things together and praying for me. Your welcome has made me feel at home during my time in college. I did a research paper about missionary kids and realized again just how rich I am in friendship and how much of my success I owe to you all, and your prayers.

I’d love your continued prayers for my next step. After applying for many jobs, an unexpected opportunity fell into my lap. My new supervisor was praying for help with the Africa Study Bible and happened to connect with my dad. He offered me a one-year Editorial Assistant position in Nairobi. I’ll be moving in mid-August and will live with my family. I’m very excited about this chance to use the writing, cultural analysis and ministry skills I’ve developed at Mac! It was a total God-thing.

I’d love to hear more about how you all are doing. Now that I’ve graduated, the best ways to keep in touch are through email or at my new writing projects website (including a poem about my job decision process):

Or Facebook / Skype / visit!



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