TEAM Pix April 2017: TEAM Continues Strong

The trustworthy LVCC deans with whom I have worked for the past 22 years continue to run LVCC with your support (L to R: Raphael, Benester, John, Nestory)

550 and more reasons to increase your support for TEAM

For 22 years, God has grown TEAM’s work in wisdom, relationships, reach and impact! Your generous investment has been rewarded! Thank you! And yet more opportunity awaits…

My (Steve’s) ¾ time ministry as Lead Pastor at Bethel Christian Fellowship (BCF) will replace my Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) teaching. I continue as only as an adjunct. In my ¼ time with TEAM, two other important roles will continue at the same pace: My writing and other communication to give wise, Christian responses to witchcraft accusations. My work in advising and communicating for Lake Victoria Christian College (LVCC), including annual visits to Tanzania.
But TEAM is about a BIG team that goes far beyond Janice and me …

Tanzania needs MANY MORE trained ministers!

Why? The number of Tanzanian Christians grew from 5 million in 1970 to 27.5 million in 2010.  It is projected 93.5 million  by 2050! What kind of Christians will they be?  Currently 60% of Tanzanians believe that sacrifices to ancestors or spirits can protect them from harm. But imagine how 93 million well-disciplined followers could transform their 43 million Muslim neighbors, Tanzania, and the world!  What an opportunity!

Thank you SO MUCH for your financial and prayer support to TEAM over these 22 years!  Praise God for what he has done!








Mwanza students in front of LVCC’s only classroom and dormitory in 2016

Record 550 minister-students at LVCC in 2016 (growth from 35 in 1995)! 

provides the tuition and a book per class for 550 students who continue to be active in their ministries. 170 ministers, instead of the usual 85, were trained last year in the three short-term residential sites. Almost all of these new students already pastor churches, but have not had opportunity to attend any Bible school before.

Yet TEAM financial support has not been adequate

Over the last decade, inflation doubled the cost of everything in Tanzania. LVCC leaders have continued to tighten their belts, but the budget never had any fat. Regular giving from TEAM to LVCC has remained the same. We did that much by not taking all of our salary for the past 8 years (even though our expenses were higher than the salary). We hope that reducing the salary we take from TEAM further will finally enable us to adequately support LVCC operations.

Opportunity awaits!

We would love to do more. We have enjoyed giving personally and sometimes found special grants/donors for some key, extra opportunities. For example, would you like to join us in any of these?[
·       Seminars for a Christian response to witchcraft accusations
·       Building campuses on land already purchased for LVCC
·       Scholarships for missions students at NEGST
·       Roofing materials for churches
·       Assisting local churches in supporting their neediest 100+ orphans and 100+widows

We want to build higher on the great foundation built by this great TEAM which includes African leaders and you as supporters! Let me encourage you to increase your ongoing or one time investment in East Africa and its ministers.

Feel free to designate your gift and 100% will be given to that opportunity.