25 years of pastoring

Today was a huge celebration at our church, Nairobi Chapel. Though the Kenyan vice president attended, we did not. Here is why…

Children’s Pastor Beatrice Muriu, Nairobi Chapel

Senior Pastor Oscar Muriu, Nairobi Chapel

Nairobi Chapel service

25 years ago today, Pastor Oscar and Bea Muriu went with a few families to Nairobi Chapel Undenominational Church, which had dwindled to 20 people. God has done amazing things since. 2,500 now attend this church, but 15,000 attend in the almost 70 churches birthed from the original. I (Steve) serve on the mission task force of Nairobi Chapel which advises on the 17 churches planted this year in various countries and the social justice ministries blessing the poor.



Our family moved to the newest church plant in Ngong Hills which started a month ago. 40 of us attended today. Jan and the twins minister to the children. I host new visitors. Hannah began doing evangelistic outreach even before the church launch.

Like Pastor Oscar, I started pastoring almost exactly 25 years ago. 20 years ago, we moved to Tanzania to teach pastors. We also pastored many missionaries.

Now we mostly pastor at NEGST-AIU. Teaching missionaries and pastors here includes lots of listening, praying, and advising. This week I will be preaching in chapel about prayer, leading prayer the next day, and planning next semester’s chapels.

The international students gave a very heartfelt thank you to Jan in chapel for her pastoring them the past four years. During those years their number tripled to 170. She has resigned as international student coordinator to focus on PhD research and teaching. (The picture below was after that chapel).

International students after their AIU chapel service




Pastor Oscar and Bea and most of the pastoral staff at Nairobi Chapel studied at NEGST-AIU. Most of the leading churches and Christian organizations around Kenya are led by our graduates. Our graduates also teach, pastor, and lead in significant ways in most countries across Africa… and beyond.  Some also serve cross-culturally to the un-evangelized almost unnoticed.

We do not pastor or teach classes of thousands at NEGST-AIU, but our graduates bless hundreds of thousands. We trust that God will continue to multiply the seeds that we sow.

Thanks for sowing with us.