Family visits, “summer” 2013

In recent weeks we have enjoyed a missions retreat and old friends and family visiting from Tanzania and USA. Most of my brother, Nathan’s family (below) visited us after retreat for the first time since we moved to Nairobi 5 years ago.

Two Rasmussen families collected from East Africa and America: Nathan, Kristian, Isaac, Eirik, Steve, Janice, Rachel, Kari, Karen

What a joy to catch up with our maturing nieces and nephews who are serving Jesus!

Nathan’s family: Kristian has learned to fly solo in Florida where Kari is beginning her Masters in TESOL and continuing ministering to the homeless. Eirik was on his way from two years of teaching missions seminars and Bible school classes around Tanzania to a pastoral internship and living at our home church of Bethel Christian Fellowship – to the joy of Hannah and Justin. Nathan’s oldest, Tori, was four days drive away leading a church planting team.

Jan’s sister’s high school children from Minnesota, Paul and Katie Esslinger, joined us for 10 days of children’s ministry and fun.

Hiking on the rim of Mt. Longonot, about 1 ½ hr. drive from Nairobi. The volcanic crater is to the right and the surrounding Rift Valley floor which we climbed from on the left.


These four hiked all the way to the 9105 foot peak which is hidden by the clouds: Paul, Rachel, Katie, and Isaac.

We said goodbye to Paul and Katie at the airport 30 hours before a huge fire that just burned down a large section of it. Glad God is in control!









After all the grading comes… graduation!

Steve carrying the mace in AIU graduation procession














I am  privileged to now be following the man walking behind me: Africa International University’s experienced, humble, new Vice Chancellor, Dankit Nassiuma [on the left.] Saturday was his official installation as well as our AIU graduation. They asked me to carry the heavy brass mace which is the symbol of Africa International University. [The VC is equivalent to a USA college president. The Chancellor between us is a symbolic position.]


AIU’s 28th graduation ceremony

We have missed the friendship and leadership of Douglas Carew. Please continue to pray for AIU in this challenging transition time. Now we need renewed vision, students, finances, favor, wisdom. Pray that we will together fulfill God’s mission in His world: AIU is “Committed to His mission. Connected to His world.” We have a place in what God is doing! Thank you for taking your place by praying and financially supporting us so that we can freely give ourselves for “Christ-centered leaders in Africa educated to transform God’s people and world.” (see more at

AIU’s 2013 graduates – 95 students from certificate to PhD, with the top leaders in front.