Spiritual development application and reflection: April 2013

Jan’s last session of teaching Spiritual Development class -, reflecting on how to apply insights

From Jan: Teaching my last class session for “Spiritual and Personal Development” this term. We reflected on applying the spiritual disciplines in our lives over tea at my place. I was blessed by this group of pastors, youth ministers, singers, song writers, a dancer, and even the former Mayor of Nairobi.

Leadership Development class – March 17, 2013

AIU Leadership Development class, downtown Nairobi class





My Leadership Development class met at AIU’s downtown location evening class. Therefore 16 Kenyans and one Nigerian. Great group of mostly pastors (some over multiple churches), plus school principles, administrators, and people who have retired from other careers like Parliament to do something new. May God help us all to be more Christ-like developers of leaders who develop leaders who develop leaders. Banana not Banyan tree leaders. Now the fun work of class moves to the necessary work of grading, but I still learn a lot from some student papers.

Nairobi, near downtown AIU extension site