Does your wife work? Oct., 2013

Janice Horsager Rasmussen is staff, faculty, and student at Africa International University as well as working at home. She does not get a salary from any of those, but she does get an office.

Jan teaching “Personal and Spiritual Development” at AIU

As AIU’s International Student Coordinator, Jan has been working very hard for several weeks to welcome and help settle AIU’s 38 new international students from 17 countries. This includes arranging volunteers, having some for meals, connecting them with their housing, taking them for a first shopping trip, giving them campus tours, and connecting them with various resources on campus.

Hosting international students at AIU

“Wageni ni baraka” guests are a blessing!


She also manages all of the household, (good) meals, shopping and high school kids’ activities / transport. She keeps the rest of us going. She is an amazing wife and mother!!

But her home not only blesses our family. For example, half of the days in July and August we had families as overnight guests from Tanzania or USA.

For example, Guilds (pictured below) have been missionary friends since 2000. They also hosted us in their guest house for two weeks when we were teaching in Mwanza in June. They enjoyed cool Nairobi July-August weather for fires and smores. (Since we are a bit south of the equator and at 6200 feet elevation, those are our coolest months, like fall weather in Minnesota. The fireplace is our only heat.)

Mwanza missionary friends visit








All of this means that Jan’s M.Phil. research on learning experiences of international students at AIU informs her work, but has not progressed much for three months. She requests prayer as she is trying to make progress on it now. She has typed up her dozen interviews with international students and is now identifying the themes throughout the interviews.

Yes, God works through Jan’s gifts of hospitality, missions, and teaching! Please pray for God’s continued enabling to her in the many opportunities that he has given her. Pray for guidance for her future as well.


Family visits, “summer” 2013

In recent weeks we have enjoyed a missions retreat and old friends and family visiting from Tanzania and USA. Most of my brother, Nathan’s family (below) visited us after retreat for the first time since we moved to Nairobi 5 years ago.

Two Rasmussen families collected from East Africa and America: Nathan, Kristian, Isaac, Eirik, Steve, Janice, Rachel, Kari, Karen

What a joy to catch up with our maturing nieces and nephews who are serving Jesus!

Nathan’s family: Kristian has learned to fly solo in Florida where Kari is beginning her Masters in TESOL and continuing ministering to the homeless. Eirik was on his way from two years of teaching missions seminars and Bible school classes around Tanzania to a pastoral internship and living at our home church of Bethel Christian Fellowship – to the joy of Hannah and Justin. Nathan’s oldest, Tori, was four days drive away leading a church planting team.

Jan’s sister’s high school children from Minnesota, Paul and Katie Esslinger, joined us for 10 days of children’s ministry and fun.

Hiking on the rim of Mt. Longonot, about 1 ½ hr. drive from Nairobi. The volcanic crater is to the right and the surrounding Rift Valley floor which we climbed from on the left.


These four hiked all the way to the 9105 foot peak which is hidden by the clouds: Paul, Rachel, Katie, and Isaac.

We said goodbye to Paul and Katie at the airport 30 hours before a huge fire that just burned down a large section of it. Glad God is in control!









College Kids

Macalester Christian Fellowship retreat 2013

Hannah and Justin have finished the college year. Praise God for their exciting summer ministry and learning opportunities. Hannah felt called to do a full-time internship at our home church, Bethel Christian Fellowship. She succeeded in getting funding and was in Tennessee this past week as part of this Lilly discernment grant.

Both of them are very involved in Inter Varsity, which is increasing its impact for God on the Macalester (Mac) campus. Hannah will be president and Justin heading small group ministry next year.  See photo above on MCF on retreat.

Justin and others are at Inter Varsity Chapter Focus Week now. He will spend July at the Inter Varsity Leadership Institute. He is also life guarding at Mac and being a live-in “manny” for Nathan, son of our long time co-worker at BCF and TEAM, Maura and Dan Hackenmueller .

Heavy Hearts at Losing Kirby

The Smiths visit Tanzania in Aug. 2007

Please pray for Steve’s sister Linda in Seattle as she recovers from open heart surgery to repair a valve on May 14. This was exactly 4 weeks after the death of her wonderful husband of 37 years, Kirby Smith.   Pneumonia and leukemia were too much for him.
We celebrate a life lived faithfully – to God, his family, his church and his work.  We treasure sweet memories at family reunions, in Seattle, and especially when he and Linda came to visit us in Tanzania, Aug. 2007 (see photo above).


They were great encouragers to us, TEAM, and LVCC – in their witty comments, through their constant prayers and interest in the ministry, and in their significant financial investment in TEAM (they never missed a monthly check in almost 20 years and doubled it after visiting here).


We will miss Kirby on so many levels.  It has been hard to be away from family, but glad that others including Steve’s sister Lynette, his parents and soon Hannah can be with Linda.